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Welcome to Electric People International!

Electric People is a managed services provider. Our business is the creation and delivery of customized computer solutions, technical support, and other services designed to fit the unique business needs of our clients.

Our services include server management, end-user desktop administration, server and workstation backup services, dedicated and shared server rack space, software design and development and other IT (information technology) services.

At Electric People our goal is to build long term relationships. We work to build connections between our people, partners, clients, and the community. Managing these connections allows us to share our industry expertise, build loyalty amongst our client base, and establish trust.  Electric People strives to understand your business needs, exceed expectations and to ultimately share in positive results.

At Electric People we leverage current technologies to provide a positive impact to your business. Each of Electric People's service offerings are aligned to a specialized area of IT management and are constantly compared against industry developments to ensure superior leading edge service.  As a trusted advisor, Electric People will show you how technology can become a strategic investment for your business.